DMV removes up to 99.99% of all particles as small as 4/10 of one micron in size from industrial gas streams and emissions. The system has proven to be an effective arrestor of all types of particulates, both biological and non-biological by wetting all particles, including sub-micron particles and transferring them from an airstream into water.

Polonium 210 Radio Active Particles 99.65% captured and removed.


DMV removes 93% to 99% of soluble gases such as SO2, HF, HCL, NO2, and a high degree of CO2 in a single pass through the system.

The technology is dupicating how nature cleans the atmosphere by the formation of clouds, rain and snow. The natural process is simply contained and performed within an enclosed system. The process involves pressure reduction (like high altitude) and the reduction of water droplets (like evaporation) to sub-micron sizes exposing a higher population of droplets and exponentially increased oxygen surface area to be polar attached to positive carbon particles. 

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